Wish you could shrink taxi lines by sharing rides? We do it all the time.


Why should New Yorkers wait patiently as, one by one, people get into private cars that all end up going the same direction? Why should we insist on using taxis in a way that costs more money, more time in line and in traffic, and more fuel per person? We shouldn't. That's why Bandwagon provides an alternative to single passenger transit, allowing people to instantly match with others and share rides in local, licensed taxis. The result is more transportation to more people in less time, eliminating wait times, costs and congestion for passengers, drivers, and localities.



Here's why we think Bandwagon is great... 


It Saves You Time

At participating locations, you can skip the entire taxi line simply by agreeing to share your ride. Once we find your match, you're on your way!

It Saves You Cash

Sharing also means you pay less for your ride. And splitting a fare is easy! Partners can transfer money via SMS, right from their phones (but cash is ok too!)


It Saves the Earth

You can half the environmental impact of your taxi trip without breaking a sweat. Sharing taxis is great for the planet, but it's also good for all of us!


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How it works

Bandwagon is available at select airports and events, enabling you to skip long taxi lines by sharing your ride. Simply text us your destination to get started. The entire process happens right in your phone's SMS app, no download required!


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